Sectigo OV SSL

The Sectigo OV SSL is one of the most trusted organization validation SSL certificates on the market thanks to Sectigo’s 20+ years of experience securing websites and the certificate’s combination of functionality and price.

Enterprises have large complicated networks where a lot of connections are taking place behind the scenes: it may not be necessary to spring for EV, but having organization authentication is still critical. In these scenarios, a Sectigo OV SSL certificate is the perfect solution. The Sectigo OV SSL certificate meets or exceeds all CA/B Forum and NIST standards for encryption, with a choice of RSA or ECDH public key cryptography, symmetric encryption up to 256-bit and business authentication. Best of all, it’s backed by a $1,000,000 warranty.

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Certification Level


Time for issuance

3-5 days



Server Licensing:


Site Seal

Dinamic "Secured by Sectigo"


$ 1.000.000


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