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Simple, cost-effective and reliable choice for a basic website security

RapidSSL is a cost-effective and simple solution for website security. As a sub-brand of DigiCert, a trusted leader in the online security industry, RapidSSL offers SSL/TLS certificates that provide website owners with the peace of mind they need to protect their online presence. With its focus on simplicity and affordability, RapidSSL is the perfect choice for small businesses and personal websites that want to secure their online transactions without breaking the bank.

The limited availability of just two types of certificates makes the decision-making process even easier for you. Whether you’re looking to secure a single domain or multiple subdomains, RapidSSL has a certificate that fits your needs. With its user-friendly platform and quick issuance process, securing your website with RapidSSL is a breeze. So why wait? Protect your online presence today with RapidSSL – the cheap, simple, and reliable choice for website security.