GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard

GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard offers a quick & cost-efficient solution for businesses to quickly secure their single main domain (i.e. AND unlimited sub-domains (i.e., with one simple DV SSL/TLS certificate. With a nice automatic authentication and issuance process, you can have this cert in 10 minutes or less. With GeoTrust being one of the most trusted names in the online encryption industry, your customers can gain some assurance knowing that your site is protected by known & recognized security brand in just minutes. This is an ideal option for an SMB that has any number of sub-domains that need security as well and/or someone future-proofing their site for sub-domains that may come in the near future.

Are you looking for comprehensive website security and trust for your online business? Look no further, as the GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard SSL certificate covers you!

Boosting your online presence has never been easier. With this premium wildcard SSL certificate, you can secure your main domain and an unlimited number of subdomains with just one certificate. Whether you run an e-commerce site, a blog, or an enterprise-level web platform, GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard SSL ensures robust encryption and trust that your customers deserve.

Key Benefits:

  • Robust Security: Rest easy knowing that your data and your customer’s information are encrypted with 256-bit SSL encryption, ensuring rock-solid security.
  • Instant Validation: Get your certificate issued quickly, often within minutes, thanks to GeoTrust’s streamlined validation process.
  • Unlimited Subdomains: Protect all your subdomains under a single certificate without the need for multiple certificates or complicated setups.
  • Trusted Brand: GeoTrust is a globally recognized and trusted security provider, that instils confidence in your customers.
  • SEO Boost: Google favours secure websites, and having a GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard SSL certificate can positively impact your search engine rankings.

Invest in your website’s security and reputation today with GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard SSL. It’s the best way to protect your site and gain your customers’ trust. Your success begins with a secure and trusted online presence. Get started now!

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Certification Level


Time for issuance

Few minutes



Server Licensing:


Site Seal

dynamic "Secured by GeoTrust" site seal


$ 500.000


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