DigiCert Standard SSL

DigiCert Standard SSL Certificates combine the organization authentication you expect from an OV SSL certificate, with the rapid issuance you expect from a DV certificate.

DigiCert revolutionized the issuance process to the point where sometimes it can issue an Organization Validation SSL certificate within minutes of purchase.
Now, whenever your customers view your certificate details or click your DigiCert Secure Trust Seal they’ll be able to see verified organizational information. Your customers will also appreciate that their communication with you is secured by powerful 256-bit symmetric encryption. Toss in the million-dollar warranty and it’s obvious why DigiCert’s line of legacy SSL certificates is so popular.

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Certification Level


Time for issuance

2-4 days

Server Licensing:


Site Seal

Dynamic "DigiCert Secure" site seal


$ 1.000.000


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