RapidSSL Site Seal Installation Guide

Increase trust and security on your website by installing the RapidSSL Site Seal. Follow these simple steps to add the site seal to your webpage and boost customer confidence.

Step 1: Right-click on the following image of the RapidSSL Site Seal

Step 2: Save Picture As

Step 3: Insert the Image on Secured Pages of Your Website

By following these installation instructions, you can seamlessly add the RapidSSL Site Seal to your webpage, providing visitors with visual assurance of your website’s security. Enhance trust and credibility for your online presence today.

Why it’s important to insert the site seal in your site?

A site seal acts as a trust symbol for visitors to the website. When users see the site seal, they know that the website has taken measures to secure their data during transmission. This visual cue enhances the credibility and legitimacy of the website, encouraging users to feel safe when browsing or submitting sensitive information.

Even more: some industries and regulations mandate the use of SSL certificates for websites that process or handle sensitive data. For example, e-commerce websites that accept online payments are typically required to have an SSL certificate. Displaying the site seal helps demonstrate compliance with these security requirements.

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