Organization Authentication for OV SSL Certificates

Discover the crucial first requirement for obtaining an Organization Validation SSL certificate: Organization Authentication. In this process, the Certificate Authority (CA) verifies the legitimacy of your organization as a legal entity.

Understanding Organization Authentication

Among all the requirements for Organization Validation (OV), Organization Authentication is the most extensive. During this stage, the CA verifies the registration and active status of your organization within your state or country.

It is essential that all the information provided during enrollment matches the details listed in your organization’s registration.

Additionally, if your organization operates under trade names, assumed names, or DBAs, the registration information for these names must also be accurate and up to date.

To verify this information, CAs typically check the Online Government Database of your local municipality, state, or country. This database is a public government site that displays the registration status of business entities. So, check the accuracy of your registration information on this platform.

If all the details align correctly, you will meet this requirement. However, if discrepancies arise, don’t worry. There are alternative methods that you and your CA can utilize to authenticate your organization.

Alternative Methods

There are three alternative methods available for organizational authentication:

  • Official Registration Documents: You can provide business registration documents issued by your local government to satisfy this requirement. Examples of such documents include articles of incorporation, chartered licenses, and DBA statements.
    These government-issued documents serve as proof of your organization’s legitimate legal status.
  • Dun & Bradstreet: Utilizing a comprehensive DUNS Credit Report can help verify specific details associated with your business entity. Dun & Bradstreet is an organization that specializes in financial reporting for other businesses. Their credit reports are highly regarded by CAs and can fulfil multiple requirements during the validation process.
    Dun & Bradstreet manages a huge and reliable Business Directory: if your company or organization is already in this Business Directory, specify its number: this will make OV enrollment process easier and fast.
  • Legal Opinion Letter: Although obtaining a Legal Opinion Letter (also known as a Professional Opinion Letter or POL) may require some effort, it is an immensely valuable tool in the validation process. A POL satisfies four out of the five requirements for Organization Validation. Essentially, an attorney or accountant vouches for the legitimacy of your organization by providing a signed letter to the CA. To learn more about POLs, you can explore further information here.

Any of these alternative methods will fulfil the Organization Authentication requirement, ensuring a smooth validation process.

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Organization Validation (OV) SSL Process Overview - euroSSL knowledgebase

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